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Posted in Exhibitions by Andy Wicks on 18 January, 2010


Brown have wisely charged painters with the job of selecting artists for their survey of current painting practices in the capital. Gabriel Hartley, Rannva Kunoy and Luke Rudolf have each invited one artist who has then invited another, and so on, to a total of 36. It’s an exhibition strategy peppered with risk given the inevitable diversity of the final selection and the issues raised about geographically-specific lists as a result of prioritising the tastes, interests and peer-group alliances of many producers over those of one or two curators. Across this tonally complex and internationally rich spectrum one can expect to find every kind of painting: from the expert illusionism of key abstract British painting figure Mali Morris, to Clare Price’s digi-knitwork motifs unravelling; the ghostly stripped-out figuration of Miho Sato or Dale Adcock to Tim Ellis’s battered-cotton tarp.

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