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Studio portrait – Artists In the

Posted in News by Andy Wicks on 18 April, 2010

Andy Wicks, Vyner Street by Dredd, 2009

In May 2009 Dutch artist and photographer Dredd visited my studio block to meet one of my studio mates, Dredd has been travelling across Europe for the past 2 years photographing artists in their studio and documenting his journey and the people he meets on his website The only thing is we don’t actually recognise any of the artists as they all appear with their back to the camera framed by their studios of various sizes and uses, its a facinating site to spend some time on if not simply for the voyeur in you to sneak into the otherwise private world of the artist studio or  if your like me,  to stir jeolousy of those blessed with expansive studios. Dredd arrived at my door via a friend of my studio mate, based in Berlin, it seems that he travels Germany, Holland and occasional England following leads given at each location. Having shot many well known contemporary artists, including most recently Luc Tuymans it was a fantastic opportunity to take part in his project. This was taken soon after I moved in to the Vyner Street space which explains the rather empty and paint free walls, the large grey canvas is what became Fred, 2009.

Tobias Lehner @ Union

Posted in Artists by Andy Wicks on 13 April, 2010

I’m a big fan of Tobias’s work, having seen an advert in an art magazine for his 2006 show with Union just after it came down, I was disappointed to have missed it but instantly capitvated. I managed to see his work in the flesh soon after having recommending him to an artist friend who was curating a large group show at the time, a week later one of his huge 3 x 2 m paintings was hung in the gallery. A truely impressive sight! Lehner’s style has tightened up since his earlier raw works, from reproductions they look as though they are painted heavily with many layers overlapping, but in the flesh I was surprised by how flat and clear they are, painted with such precision.

The new paintings are all on large circular canvases such as the one below. The show runs until 1st May, click here for more details.

Tobias Lehner