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Studio Party

Posted in News by Andy Wicks on 3 May, 2010

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We opened our studio up to friends and contacts on Friday 30th April to great success. The pulling power of free wine, a selection of cheese, biscuits and chutney along with some art was too much to turn down with people turning up in droves, as well as invited guests we even had a few lost souls wandering Vyner Street on a Friday night (perhaps confusing Deptford Last Friday for our First Thursday, eitherway a great time was had by all). My studio mates and I last opened up during the Acava Open studio weekend in August last year, while we had a large turn out it felt more pressured and more of a show and tell as apposed to the relaxed party we enjoyed on this occasion, not that our latest creations weren’t on display but it seemed easier to have honest and open discussions with  the changing faces. I showed mostly new works in progress and found it helpful to have input and share ideas with our guests, some helpful, some playful and some damn right odd (two people commented that a new painting of a decommissoned RAF bunker looked like a cat, infact someone said it looked like a specific cat from children television.. most worrying!)