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Superunknown Design

Posted in Exhibitions by Andy Wicks on 21 September, 2010

Superunknown Press Release

Posted in Exhibitions by Andy Wicks on 18 September, 2010


Michael Ashcroft | Matthew Atkinson | Gordon Cheung | Sayshun Jay | Graham McNamara | David Northedge | Ed Payne | James Roper | Rob Sherwood | David Small | Andy Wicks | Rosalie Wiesner

Edel Assanti is proud to present Superunknown, an exhibition curated by Andy Wicks and David Northedge.

Literature and Hollywood have long been creating dark and empty visions of near future societies in decline.  In the present day, materials addressing this subject matter have once again found their way onto reading lists and cinema screens, forming a focal point for contemporary popular culture.

Projections of our universal future are often delivered in cautionary tones and serve as warning of how to avoid the total decimation of society. Notional futures of grim decaying interiors and bleak grey landscapes populated by savage inhabitants are the cultural benchmark for a morbid moribund world limping towards apocalypse.

Superunknown is a group show of twelve artists who produce work that addresses a future full of dreams, illusions and fantasies, celebrating the neglected virtues of the glossy, lurid and bizarre. The combined works on show articulate a hallucinatory collective vision of a future in which illicit vices serve as the connective tissues for a population wheeling recklessly onwards with a stoic apathy toward redemption and self-preservation.

This group show is formed predominately of painters whose work share a common aesthetic of semi abstraction and contemporary landscape. The exhibition also features photography, video, sculpture and installation based works.

Rosalie Wiesner 'Room'

James Roper 'W=mg'

The invasion begins

Posted in Exhibitions by Andy Wicks on 16 September, 2010

.. look at the size of this beast. Coming to a street near you soon.. Superunknown 06/10/10

Edel Assanti Presents Superunknown Landing 06/10/10

Coming soon…

Posted in Exhibitions by Andy Wicks on 15 September, 2010

Superunknown - Edel Assanti - October 2010

Maya Ramsay’s Florence Trust Blog

Posted in Artists, Florence Trust by Andy Wicks on 15 September, 2010

Maya Ramsay, Wailing Walls, 2009

Maya is one of my fellow FT artists and the recipient of the Axis studio bursary, she’ll be blogging on her experiences throughout the year, going on her activity so far, much more regularly than me. Its an interesting read and she really sums up the scale and magic of the building, so for an alternative view on life at St Saviours keep an eye out for her latest posts –

Vyner Street Friends – Forthcoming Exhibitions

Posted in Artists by Andy Wicks on 6 September, 2010

Prior to moving into my new studio at the Florence Trust I was in a studio share on Vyner Street. It was a fun and buzzing creative environment and over the last few months my former studio mates have all been busy creating new work for forthcoming solo shows taking place over September & October.

This Thursday, 9th September James Unsworth opens Ninja Turtle Sex Museum at Five Hundred Dollars, just across the road from the studio featuring 60 new drawings, a selection of new ceramic works, a series of new photographs, huge wall paintings, new movies and a publication.














On Saturday 11th September Elizabeth Eamer solo show The Conversationalist opens at The Bargate Monument in Southampton which runs until 23rd October, featuring complex ink drawings and site specific wall drawings.

































And finally Begoña Morea Roy will be presenting two solo exhibitions in native Spain during October, in Madrid and Zaragoza.

New Studio – Florence Trust

Posted in Florence Trust by Andy Wicks on 2 September, 2010

Its been almost a month since I moved into the Florence Trust studios and time has flown by. With August traditionally being holiday season its been a quieter start to what i expected with some artists away or finishing off commitments, without any holidays planned and with deadlines looming I’ve tried to throw myself straight into studio life, which ontop of getting used to not working a full time job has been tougher than I thought. The day to day practice of painting everyday has been fantastic and I’ve been constantly shocked about just how much can be achieved having day after day working on something. The thing I have found more of a challenge is scheduling my days without having a set time to get up for work, mornings slip by quickly with my typical studio hours being midday to 9/10pm – a much more civilized existence in my mind.

My studio space is huge compared to what i’ve been used to on Vyner Street, already I can feel the benefits of having perspective on my paintings in progress and the possibility of viewing a series of works together from the luxury of my new Ikea chair (the most comfort you can get for £10). In my first couple of days I painted and built some new walls as well as installing some shelves and making a rather splendid chipboard painting storage rack with reclaimed wood (see below).

Storage Rack

The last week has seen a much busier studio with people finding their rhythm. The other artists work across a spectrum of art practices and we’ve already started to form our  own work habits/ working hours/ tea + lunch breaks outside to warm up (churches even in summer are not warm!) as well as Gin & Tonic club (no names mentioned) . A couple of the others have shows coming up and its really good to be in an environment where everyone has different exciting things going on and are all motivated to push on with their practice. You can see examples of everyones work HERE.

Studio shot

With my groupshow Superunknown opening on 6th October I’m current working on a new painting which needs to be finished by the end of next week for print deadlines. Once that’s done it’ll be a case of selecting and collecting works from the other artists in time for installation. While the PR machine will be starting so we can hopefully get some attention during a busy month with Frieze Art Fair and numerous gallery shows to co-inside.