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Fresh from the studio – 2011 Paintings

Posted in Florence Trust, Paintings by Andy Wicks on 26 April, 2011

Here’s a first glimpse at some pieces I’ve been working on over the last few months, continuing my body of work of Thames mooring constructions. While I always try and keep on top of documenting new work, my main motivation for getting these shot now is that I have to select a couple of images this week for the forthcoming Florence Trust catalogue (due to be printed to co-inside with the summer show 8th – 18th July). I have a good idea of which images i’m going to choose but will confirm later this week, meanwhile we also have a visit from writer Colin Perry next week who is going to be writing the catalogue essay and a short piece on each of the residency artists work. Things are about to get busy!

Cindy, Oil on Board, 2011

Don, Oil on tea towel, 2011

Arlene, Oil on polyester, 2011

Emily, Oil on polyester, 2011

Fold Gallery – Japan Relief Auction Images and Amount Raised

Posted in Exhibitions, News by Andy Wicks on 23 April, 2011

Its been a couple of weeks since the auction but I thought I would post a few images from the event. I’d forgotten how slick and well hung the work looked in the space, a real feat considering they only had a day to get everything in the space and onto the wall.

As well as having my 2 works sell I managed to pick up a great Guy Allott print to add to my growing collection, with artists donating and bidding on the work of others there was a lot of friendly competition which made a great fun night.

This one night event raised an incredible £2178.12 for the British Red Cross, Japan Tsunami Appeal all from a couple of hours of bidding. Well done to all those involved in putting together a success event and making lots of money for the cause.

Spring at the Florence Trust

Posted in Florence Trust by Andy Wicks on 14 April, 2011

After the heat wave that was last week, it seems that spring is finally here. At the Florence Trust this has seen a shift from working in a cold studio to spending more time outside in the grounds on elongated lunch and tea breaks. With the change in temperature outside we have noticed the building change from an icy cold chill to a steady and comfortable level. On the weekend I decided to take a knife to my plastic roof which has for the last 5 months sealed my studio creating a micro climate. The change was immediate and while I was glad to have had the extra heat, nothing can take away from the enormity of the space which has been lost over the winter months. Some have called me premature but even if it means wearing an extra jumper the benefits of light and height of the space certainly make it worth while.

Its two months we fly out to Basel with the Florence Trust team to absorb how the Swiss do art fairs, which also means we have only two months of studio time left. On our return all studios need to be packed up and the inner walls dismantled to prepare for the summer show in July. Time really has flown by and we need to start to look to the future after the FT and more immediately what to do for a studio. In the mean time its all hands on deck to make the most of the time and get the work to where I want it to be. I’ve been working on a large piece over the last few weeks (only 120 x 100 cm, but the largest I’ve worked in a year) so it’ll be interesting to see how that turns out and whether bigger is better for the summer show, or to continue with the smaller format canvases. We also need to decide on an images to best represent our work in the catalogue published to coincide with the summer show, decisions, decisions!

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Japan Relief Auction update

Posted in Exhibitions, News by Andy Wicks on 7 April, 2011

Rise Art have kindly donated an artist proof of Matthew my recent print edition to the Japan Relief auction which is being held tomorrow night (Friday 8th April) at Fold Gallery. It’s a great chance to get your hands on work by some exciting artists at a great price, bids start at £20 or you can ‘buy now’ for £100. As well as the print I will also have a small oil on paper piece I’ve made for the auction.

Bidding is between 6 – 7.45pm

Matthew (2011) Archival pigment on paper


Florence Trust Studio Panorama

Posted in Florence Trust by Andy Wicks on 3 April, 2011

Here are a couple of multi shot Panorama’s I put together recently, a good way to get an overview of the space. I think I must have one of the nicest studio floors around, although all the more reason to worry about keeping it that way!

Paintings from the archive (2001)

Posted in Paintings by Andy Wicks on 3 April, 2011

I was sorting through a heap of old artwork from my school days recently which have been left in the loft at my mums house for the last 10 years. I was amazed by how much work there was and the number of sketch books I got through in a 4 year period (GCSE to A Level). I must have been getting through sketch books in a matter of weeks, where as now it takes me years sometimes to fill one as its not really the way I work. Most of what I found went straight into the bin but I decided to keep a few books and works on paper which had something about them. We took a whole car load of old canvases, books and works on paper to the dump and in the age of recycling its harder than you think to throw away a stretched canvas when you have separate bins for wood, fabric, paper etc. In fact probably against the better judgement of some friendly workers they volunteered to strip the canvases down (rather them that me), but lets just hope those pieces don’t come back to haunt me at auction one day!

Here are a couple of pieces I kept which are from 2001 when I was 17 in the first year of my A-levels. I was surprised that the subject matter and colours are not too distant to my work now, both look at the built environment in concrete and muddy tones especially areas around London, the Thames and Southbank. These were from a series exploring the city and in particular stair wells and well routes trodden on a journey around the city (such as the station platform).













Fri 8th April – Silent Auction for Japan relief fund

Posted in Exhibitions, News by Andy Wicks on 2 April, 2011

Myself and fellow Florence Trust Residency Artists have donated work to this great cause happening on Friday 8th April at Fold Gallery, near London Fields.

Silent Art Auction for Japan Relief

We need your help! Please come out and show your support for the victims of Japan!

Recent earthquakes, a tsunami and the ongoing Fukushima nuclear power Plant has devastated Japan and emotionally scared the millions who live there. The cleanup and recovery in Japan has only just begun but the country still has a long way to go before they can move on from these recent events.

They need our help more than ever. If only we could all fly over to bring them potable water, food and medical supplies, as well as help them with the daunting cleanup they still face.

Visiting Japan at this time is unrealistic for most of us. This raises the question: What can we do as Art Lovers to help? One thing we can do from London is hold a fundraiser. Even a small amount can help those who have lost their homes, their family members, their friends and their memories. With the support of London-based artists and Art Lovers we CAN do something.

In response to the crisis taking place in Japan, FOLD Gallery London will be holding a silent art auction on the 8th April 2011 from 6pm

All proceeds from the event will be donated to the British Red Cross, Japan Tsunami Appeal: Japan Relief which is helping earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan. Established and emerging London-based artists have generously contributed artwork to FOLD Gallery London’s art auction. Artists include Edward Allington, Sarah Pickering and many more.

For one night, you will have the opportunity to bid and take home original works of art donated by passionate artists! Come out, show your support and have fun!

Bids will start at £20 (those who just HAVE to have it can “Buy Now!” for £100)

Time schedule for April 8th

18.00 gallery opens / start bidding!

19.45 close bidding

20.00 successful bidder make donation / handing over the work to successful bidder

(Payment options: cash or internet donation by credit card)

Silent auctions have no auctioneer. Those interested in a piece will place their bid on paper.

Fold Gallery, 32 Fortescue Avenue, E8 3QB

Facebook event