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Alan Magee ‘Agents of change’, Studio 1.1 – Thursday 26th July

Posted in Artists by Andy Wicks on 23 July, 2012

Studio mate and fellow Florence Trust Alumni Alan Magee will be taking part in Studio 1.1’s 30 Artists in 30 Days on Thursday 26th July. Each artist will be given a solo show to be set up and ready by noon each day and a Private View from 6 – 9pm (and of course removed to make way for the next show the day after).

Studio 1.1
57a Redchurch Street
London E2 7DJ

Alan Magee, Recoil, Repurposed Dartboard, 2012

Magee’s practice explores the sculptural potential of objects, and the relationship between artistic process and everyday life.  As he modifies objects, their function is negated.  They then oscillate between their original and altered states, remaining in the condition of not quite right, yet not quite wrong.

One can think of his works in a way that traverses traditional art processes and absurdist pottering. The works aim to bring sensitivity to both physical materials and the hidden facets of human existence.

The casual ways in which we assert ourselves over the things that surround us are one of the main driving points in his practice. Combined with his interest in utility and waste, labour and consequence he investigates the use, or usefulness of the artist and the object.

‘Agents of Change’ install shot

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