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OMT Gallery Residency PRESS RELEASE

Posted in Uncategorized by Andy Wicks on 31 July, 2013

For the past few weeks I have been in residence at OMT Gallery where I have been researching and working towards a solo show in the space opening 30th August. Attached are some images from my time so far in the area.


PRESS RELEASE Andy Wicks – Artist in Residence Occupy My Time Gallery
9th July – 29th August 2013

30th August -­‐ 28th September

Throughout July and August Andy Wicks will be in residence at Occupy My Time Gallery, part of Enclave a new collective of project spaces on Resolution Way, Deptford.

Known for his painting practice which looks to the post industrial riverside of the Thames, Wicks arrives in Deptford with a hunger to submerge himself in its rich and varied past and strong community.

Moving away from a purely studio based practice, Wicks sees this as an opportunity to work in a site responsive manner, uniting an area of interest with his place of making. This union questions certain working habits developed over the years, offering a chance to investigate his new surroundings and how to respond to a self imposed change in circumstance.

Wicks’ investigation is often triggered by the written word, wide readings on subjects are then followed by a desire to experience first hand. In the case of his paintings of mooring structures the linear nature of the Thames set a challenge and physical duration to the project.

Arriving in Deptford with just a sofa, selection of books and a want to absorb all he could on the area. Wicks spent time getting to know his new neighbourhood on foot, tracing his movements and recording his discoveries as he moved through it. He describes himself as an urban walker, learning about a place by walking and repetition, absorbing the sites, smells and characters that inhabit it.

He has taken on the role of the collector; a collector of knowledge, detritus, images and data. By combining these discoveries and a heavily researched study of Deptford’s history we gain an insight into Wicks’ investigation and a hint to the work which will result from his time in residence.


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