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Leanne Bell Gonczarow and Ian Gonczarow – Moscow There and Back

Posted in Artists, News by Andy Wicks on 26 August, 2012

Leanne Bell Gonczarow and Ian Gonczarow have spent the last 5 week in residence at OMT Gallery, part of Enclave in Deptford. Having just returned from living and working for the past 3 years in Moscow they have been using their time in the gallery to reflect on their experiences within a tough political and economic environment. The resulting work is now installed in the gallery until Friday 31st August.

Tuesday – Thursday 10 – 6pm and until 8.30pm Friday as part of South London Art Map’s Last Fridays.

Enclave UNIT 9
Resolution Way

I have agreed to follow on from Ian and Leanne as 2013 Artist in Residence next summer. I plan on taking advantage of Enclave’s proximity to Deptford Creek and the Greenwich Peninsula to further investigate this raw and ever changing part of the Thames bankside. I’m looking forward to having a base from which to explore this area in more depth by foot and sail/rowing craft (TBC) to produce a body of work which will result in a solo show at the end of my time in the gallery.

OMT Gallery Work in Progress (July 2012)


Leanne Bell Gonczarow – Time Trickles Here, 2011

Ian Gonczarow, Victory Day – 2012

Ross Walker

Posted in Artists by Andy Wicks on 9 August, 2012

I managed to catch Ross’s show at Studio 1.1 last month as part of their 30 Artists in 30 days and found myself admiring his print editions on his website only last week. Today i stumbled across a fundraising page (not entirely sure how i found this) in which Ross is looking to raise money to fund him through Turps Banana magazine’s 1st year of their Art School Programme. In exchange for a small amount of money he’s offering a selection of different prints and paintings and while I’m not really in a position to buy more artwork at the moment I couldn’t say no to £60 for one of the very prints I was looking at last week.

Ross Walker – Untitled, Archival inks on 300g cotton paper, 42 x 29 cm, 2012

While we’ve never met I felt a want to get involved and support Ross’s efforts as i had a similar dilemma when I was accepted to the Florence Trust, needing time to make the most of the opportunity without working every hour under the sun to pay for it (I offered a selection of paintings each priced at a months studio rent).

So if you like what you see and want to support an artist you could do far worse than click on the following link –

Ross Walker – Untitled, Archival inks on 300g cotton paper, 42 x 29 cm, 2012

David Northedge – Asphalt Shuffle

Posted in Artists by Andy Wicks on 9 August, 2012

David Northedge, Untitled (taken from Asphalt Shuffle series) 60 x 50 cm, Oil & Acrylic on Plexiglass

I recently visited David Northedge’s studio to see his new paintings. Having exhibited together on a number of occasions and co-curated Superunknown (Edel Assanti – 2010) I’ve had a good overview of the developments in David’s practice. Figurative elements have come and gone in recent years and the new work sees a return to an aesthetic I’d first seen whilst we meet on our BA course.

The new series of paintings Asphalt Shuffle are informed from a recent road trip through California and the veneer of Americana, bold and brash while elegant and polished. The resulting paintings are slickly layered on plexiglass with underpainting on the reverse informing the completed surface image.

Alan Magee ‘Agents of change’, Studio 1.1 – Thursday 26th July

Posted in Artists by Andy Wicks on 23 July, 2012

Studio mate and fellow Florence Trust Alumni Alan Magee will be taking part in Studio 1.1’s 30 Artists in 30 Days on Thursday 26th July. Each artist will be given a solo show to be set up and ready by noon each day and a Private View from 6 – 9pm (and of course removed to make way for the next show the day after).

Studio 1.1
57a Redchurch Street
London E2 7DJ

Alan Magee, Recoil, Repurposed Dartboard, 2012

Magee’s practice explores the sculptural potential of objects, and the relationship between artistic process and everyday life.  As he modifies objects, their function is negated.  They then oscillate between their original and altered states, remaining in the condition of not quite right, yet not quite wrong.

One can think of his works in a way that traverses traditional art processes and absurdist pottering. The works aim to bring sensitivity to both physical materials and the hidden facets of human existence.

The casual ways in which we assert ourselves over the things that surround us are one of the main driving points in his practice. Combined with his interest in utility and waste, labour and consequence he investigates the use, or usefulness of the artist and the object.

‘Agents of Change’ install shot

Florence Trust 2012 Winter Open

Posted in Artists, Florence Trust by Andy Wicks on 29 January, 2012

Its been 6 months since I finished my residency at the Florence Trust and this Friday sees the first opportunity for this years artists to show their work to the masses. I’ve met a number of FT 2012 artists and can’t wait to go back to see the place and catch up with artists old and new. If you’ve not been I highly recommend a visit to this stunning building in a leafy part of north London. I recently met this years Florence Trust Axis Bursary artist Hanae Utamura at the London Art fair where she described how she’s used her studio as a large evolving installation rendered in layers of paint and plastic. While Ben Woodeson will no doubt be challenging health and safety regs in a new and nerve inducing way. Not to be missed.

Artist Interview Blogs

Posted in Artists by Andy Wicks on 24 May, 2011

Like reading artists talking in their own words? Here’s some regularly updated blogs featuring the thoughts of contemporary painters. They deserve your attention!

Artists talk in their studio

Jeff McMillan

a one-size-fits-all interview with a straightforward approach and a simple aim.

Karl Bielik

A behind the scenes approach to contemporary painting

Painting backgrounds, John Martin and Newcastle

Posted in Artists, Exhibitions, Paintings by Andy Wicks on 9 March, 2011

I was intending to upload a few images of the grounds of current work in progress before I worked over the top, I was going to write how they are reminiscent of John Martin’s swirling apocalyptic sky’s. That was a couple of weeks ago and the thought past, that is until I saw an article on Martin’s (Guardian 4th March 2011) recently opened survey at the Laing Art Gallery is Newcastle.

John Martin The Great Day of His Wrath 1851-1853

So here saved from that huge blog in the sky are the intended images –

Usually created in a single sitting these grounds are made from a careful mix of a resin medium, thinned oil paints and thinners. Tipped and poured the paint dissipates into the resin, creating glitches as the paint moves to find space to settle. Some areas show through as pure paint,  some as pure resin showing the raw canvas beneath while others show a combination with paint sunk into the resin as if submerged in water.

I hope to go to Newcastle to see the John Martin before it closes in June, its a great city and not only is there the Laing and the Baltic but  also Workplace Gallery (in Gateshead) which is well worth a visit. If you go between 5-26 May make sure you visit Fade Away at Gallery North touring from Transition and featuring my painting “Karl”.

Superunknown Artist – Graham McNamara Interview

Posted in Artists by Andy Wicks on 2 October, 2010

I studied with Graham at Middlesex University during my BA, since graduating he’s been living and working in Jersey City, USA and is one of the 12 artists featuring in Superunknown.

He recently did an interview with Jersey City Independent which you can read HERE

Graham McNamara IMG_6293 (2009) Oil on mdf unit

Maya Ramsay’s Florence Trust Blog

Posted in Artists, Florence Trust by Andy Wicks on 15 September, 2010

Maya Ramsay, Wailing Walls, 2009

Maya is one of my fellow FT artists and the recipient of the Axis studio bursary, she’ll be blogging on her experiences throughout the year, going on her activity so far, much more regularly than me. Its an interesting read and she really sums up the scale and magic of the building, so for an alternative view on life at St Saviours keep an eye out for her latest posts –

Vyner Street Friends – Forthcoming Exhibitions

Posted in Artists by Andy Wicks on 6 September, 2010

Prior to moving into my new studio at the Florence Trust I was in a studio share on Vyner Street. It was a fun and buzzing creative environment and over the last few months my former studio mates have all been busy creating new work for forthcoming solo shows taking place over September & October.

This Thursday, 9th September James Unsworth opens Ninja Turtle Sex Museum at Five Hundred Dollars, just across the road from the studio featuring 60 new drawings, a selection of new ceramic works, a series of new photographs, huge wall paintings, new movies and a publication.














On Saturday 11th September Elizabeth Eamer solo show The Conversationalist opens at The Bargate Monument in Southampton which runs until 23rd October, featuring complex ink drawings and site specific wall drawings.

































And finally Begoña Morea Roy will be presenting two solo exhibitions in native Spain during October, in Madrid and Zaragoza.