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Posted in Exhibitions by Andy Wicks on 11 December, 2009

We had a fantastic opening with many faces from the past and some new contacts, we also had a reviewer from an online blog come along so hopefully a good write up will bring get us some more people through the door. We’re opening Thursday – Sunday until 20th December, 12 – 7 pm, come along to The Framery, its number 3 with the bright red door.

Here are a few shots from the opening, i’m going to try and take some proper images of the paintings soon.

The Artists (from left to right) Andy Wicks, David Northedge & Matthew Atkinson


Posted in Exhibitions by Andy Wicks on 8 December, 2009

Yesterday evening David and I visited Matthew’s studio in Bow, he’s currently working on a series of paintings for a solo show in France opening early next year along the Disneyland theme described in our press release, he’s put two of these new works into ULTRAMEGAOK as a sneek peek and I can confirm they are looking awesome! We then delivered these to the space ready for installation tomorrow morning, when we’ll collect mine and David’s work from our respective studios on route. Baring any last minute hiccups we’ll be ready for opening the doors on Thursday evening (here’s hoping the rain stays away!). In other good news, our flyers finally turned up so we’ll also be running around the east end dropping them off at pubs/bars/galleries/cafes and any willing souls willing to take them off our hands – so if you see us please help lighten our load!

Matthew Atkinson - An oldie but a goodie

ULTRAMEGAOK – Matthew Atkinson, David Northedge & Andy Wicks

Posted in Exhibitions by Andy Wicks on 6 December, 2009

Flyers –Press Release –
Ultramegaok brings together 3 emerging British painters in an exhibition at the ‘pop up space’ The Framery, a disused office within spitting distance of Hoxton Square’s galleries and bars. Matthew Atkinson, David Northedge and Andy Wicks each reference a moribund and derelict world within their work yet beyond the darkness lurks a nostalgia and warmth.

Ultramegaok refers to Soundgarden’s 1988 debut album (Ultramega OK), an album full of youthful enthusiasm which singer Chris Cornell later stated, “we really liked the songs on that record but we were disappointed in the production. We were sort of making fun of the finished product”.

Even during a global recession the numbers of artists looking to exhibit is as competitive as ever, in an art world where space is hard to come by, the falling of banks and gloom for businesses has given rise to the pop up space with artists taking advantage of the climate and showing their work any which way they can. With this exhibition the artists are forgoing the gallery system and its glossy production values to show works fresh from the studio in its unadulterated state.

In an ironic twist, many of these paintings relate to space, whether it’s physical, personal or emotional. The spaces created or revealed in these works may no longer exist having been a passing memory revived in the moment by brush mark, or erased from their physical landscape as an unwanted reminder of our past, creating new space and profit.

Matthew Atkinson presents a new body of work entitled ‘NeverNeverWorld’ in which curious and whimsically created landscapes sourced from Disneyland Tokyo are imbued with a deliberate sense of the ‘Grand Style’. Promoted by the Royal Academy the grand style was considered the most elevated form of art, dealing with moral themes in the universalizing language of classical idealism. The Landscapes depicted are found in Disneyland’s Critter Country. These are seemingly vacuous themed structures, albeit, created to provide a different and novel experience that transports the public into another world; ‘NeverNeverWorld’. Themes provide a veneer of meaning and symbolism, infusing this in the structures is deemed to make them more attractive and interesting than they would otherwise be. In doing so Disney creates a falsifying veneer of historical meaning and purpose that does not in reality exist. These paintings explore ideas of Disneyfication and Disneyization to communicate and convey the wider political debates and criticisms surrounding Disney’s autonomous (NeverNever)World.

David Northedge creates paintings formed of images which are primarily taken from art history, glossy magazines, medical books and other found resources. The images are built into each painting a layer at a time often on a large scale resulting in an excessive cocktail of the lurid and superficial. Themes of vanity and desire are delivered in slick surfaces which are the antithesis of the smaller works which expose the scaffolding of these airbrushed dreams.

Andy Wicks’s work takes reference from concrete and steel, weather systems, rust, and decay, the pieces are executed through a gestural technique which involves the dripping of liquid veils of paint contrasted with thicker applications of oil. The weeping paint serves almost as a reverse-wash, a tear-stained window through which we see geometric forms that float ominously. These paintings take iconic but unsightly buildings and reinvents their bold hulking forms as semi abstracted silhouettes set against a rusting landscape. The loss of context and surrounds simultaneously harshens and softens their architectural power, without modern new builds or empty wasteland to compete with, these piercing form become timeless in an acid dream. Wicks’ paintings have their titles taken from the list of Atlantic Hurricane names, which imbues each piece with a gender, life and a personality of their own while this arbitrary system disguises each pieces real world point of reference.

a busy week

Posted in Exhibitions by Andy Wicks on 6 December, 2009

Now the intros out the way i can jump in and update all on whats going on. I’ve got an exhibition ULTRAMEGAOK opening on Thursday at a pop up space in Hoxton, this is something I’ve been organizing for the last month or two and was a chance to put some new work together and show it alongside  fellow painters Matthew Atkinson and David Northedge (who i’ve showed with a few times before). An opportunity came up to use a superb space which is currently a disused office but passes for a loft style gallery without any trouble, for the past year David and I have been working on a proposal for a large group show – Superunknown and in the downtime while looking for the right spaces thought it would be good to do something which needs little preparation to act as a sort of prelude to the large show (which Matthew is due to feature in).

(The sharp ones amongst you may notice the titles are both Soundgarden albums – while not totally intentional and certain not a theme in the works, i like them as symbolic statements which suggest much without being too easy to pigeon hole)

We’ve been let down by Parcelforce who have delayed delivering our brilliantly designed flyers (thanks Natalie and boo to Parcelforce), meaning we’re now going to be flyering a few evenings before the private view – not ideal! That aside – eflyers, press releases, listing websites and numerous emails to contacts now sent we are hopefully going to draw enough of a crowd for the Private view this Thursday (10th Dec) and have people coming over the next two weeks we’re open for. If you read this and want to come along details are below –

Private View Thursday 10th December 6 – 10pm. Open Thursday – Sunday until 20th Dec 12 – 7pm
The Framery, 3 Academy Buildings, Fanshaw Street, off Hoxton Street, N1 6LQ

Fred (2009) by Andy Wicks

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where do i start?

Posted in Website / Blog update by Andy Wicks on 6 December, 2009

Welcome to my blog. Not sure how this will pan out but here goes. I’m an artist based in East London (there are a few of us!), I  predominantly work in oil paint from my studio on Vyner Street. I’ve had my website for around 8 years, dating back to when I was at school (an early starter) but never got into blogging. Its been suggested that its a good way to compliment what I do with my website and fill in the gaps with random thoughts, work in progress and general newsworthyness.

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