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Deptford Residency Interview (part 2)

Posted in Uncategorized by Andy Wicks on 25 August, 2013

Residency Interview 2 – August 2013 by Emily Mahon

The Doldrums opens Friday 30th August 6-9pm and continues until 28th September.

It’s the 6th week of Andy’s residency at Occupy My Time Gallery on the Enclave block in Deptford; after a fair bit of walking, plenty of reading, lots of sanding, and a few visits to Little Nan’s bar.. a jetty has appeared in the gallery!

Its all very exciting, I’m able to walk the length of the gallery on the indoor jetty to my Interning den, I’m already excited about the fun I’ll have invigilating on a Saturday.

So I ask Andy:

When did this appear?

Andy: It’s taken 11 days to build which involved a lot of sanding and cutting but its been enjoyable to work on and I’m pleased with how its looking. I didn’t start making until the 5th week of the residency so its felt good to finally get stuck into some physical work. It’s been funny to watch people’s reactions from the window change now there’s a crazed man in the gallery singing and dancing with an electric sander.

I think my relaxed approach and joking about not having enough time at the beginning meant a lot of people may have doubted my intentions.

So did you have this idea from the beginning?

Andy: I knew I wanted to do something different from my usual studio practice and installation was definitely something I liked the idea of.

How were the first few weeks of the residency then for you?

When you come to a new place it always takes a while to settle in and to become adjusted to the space so its hard to start making work straight away. I spent a good month just reading and exploring Deptford as I wanted my research play a large part in informing the work I made. Leaving it until week 5 to start making did create a bit of pressure, but I think I worked well under it – and I’m pretty happy with the outcome.

So on creating the jetty inside the gallery space, how did that work extracting it as a form. Did you make sketches, or paintings to accompany it?

In terms of form its just an approximation to give a nod to such structures without being a pastiche. The dimensions are shrunk down to work within the gallery space as an intervention while acting as a platform from which to take in the rest of the exhibition. I’ve looked at Thames mooring structures (Dolphins) in my paintings so it’s a form I’m familiar with.


Andy with the wood used to construct ‘Jetty’



An old Jetty on the Deptford foreshore

So through creating it in the gallery, do you want the audience to just take the essence of the jetty or really interact with it, almost like a play piece that it seems to suggest?

The piece is intended to be used by the viewer, offering a path through the gallery while also elevating them above it. The Jetty could be seen to represent the journeys I’ve made in and around Deptford, taking this idea of movement and direction into the gallery space.

What other work are you planning to show with the jetty?

It’ll be accompanied by at least two other works, one will be photographic, and the other documentation of a walk and gesture I’m planning. I’m still not sure how the latter will be realised in the exhibition as I see the walk itself as the work but I will be charting my movements and capturing images of the act.


Documenting in the gallery

Have you found any particular stage of the residency more or less enjoyable? The making or the research for example?

No it’s all been equally enjoyable, I’ve realised that in the past I’ve not always spent enough time getting into my research, so its helped me revaluate certain things.

Do you think the experience has reinvented your practice?

I came into the residency knowing that I wanted to do something different. I was confident of being able to deliver technically however I was conscious that it wasn’t simple about the residency and exhibition, but rather a chance to shift my practice and possibilities. Its too soon to say what this time will do for me in the future but I’m pleased with how I chosen to use it.

Do you feel having a show that focuses on a specific place like Deptford and being situated next to a host of galleries at Enclave has given you a duty to make work of a certain type or style?

There’s definitely an intensity that comes from creating the work in the same place i’m exploring, I wouldn’t say being around the other galleries has influenced the work I’ve made but it has opened me up to differing uses of the space. The sense of community has added to the experience and I’ve enjoyed having dialogue with the others at Enclave.

What do you hope people will take out of the exhibition? Is there a play element?

I would like the viewer to engage with the exhibition and individual works and if there’s something in particular that captures them, then there is a lot more reading and investigating they can do. People tend to choose where to live based on transport links and affordability, while not necessarily being aware of whats on their doorstep. In the relatively short time I’ve been in Deptford I’ve picked up so much and have become very fond of the area.

The Jetty could be seen as playful, its an interactive piece which people are encourage to ‘use’.


Exhibition Hang

Posted in Exhibitions by Andy Wicks on 4 October, 2010

The morning of day 2 of our exhibition hang and all has gone splendidly well so far, everyones work is sitting well together and we’ve seemed to arranged both floors in the strongest order. Time now to get the drill out and start to get all the works on the wall and test the videos. Looking forward to opening up for all to see on Wednesday!

Edel Assanti Project Space

Ready for private view

Posted in Exhibitions by Andy Wicks on 10 December, 2009

A glimpse - Matthew's new work during installation

So the work is hung, the drinks are in the buckets, the press releases are printed and the doors will soon be open. We spent an exhausting day moving paintings, drilling holes and walking around a massive cash and carry trying to find the booze but now our work here is done and we’re ready to invite all to see our efforts.

I always find hanging a show the best bit, although after some trouble with strap hangers and crumbly brick walls perhaps I would prefer to overseeing someone else slightly more patient doing the physical stuff. While I knew both Matthew and David’s old work well, they’ve both surprised and excelled in equal measure with the new pieces produced, its interesting to finally bring the paintings together into a single room and see how they sit after previously imagining them from behind the monitor.

The exhibition features a broad spectrum of contemporary painting and really sets off against the space well, embracing its intriguing features (check out that chandelier!) and challenging details. All that there is to do now is open the doors up at 6pm and hope people turn up!


Posted in Exhibitions by Andy Wicks on 8 December, 2009

Yesterday evening David and I visited Matthew’s studio in Bow, he’s currently working on a series of paintings for a solo show in France opening early next year along the Disneyland theme described in our press release, he’s put two of these new works into ULTRAMEGAOK as a sneek peek and I can confirm they are looking awesome! We then delivered these to the space ready for installation tomorrow morning, when we’ll collect mine and David’s work from our respective studios on route. Baring any last minute hiccups we’ll be ready for opening the doors on Thursday evening (here’s hoping the rain stays away!). In other good news, our flyers finally turned up so we’ll also be running around the east end dropping them off at pubs/bars/galleries/cafes and any willing souls willing to take them off our hands – so if you see us please help lighten our load!

Matthew Atkinson - An oldie but a goodie