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Plastic Shanty Town

Posted in Florence Trust by Andy Wicks on 24 February, 2011

In a quest to keep warm this winter at the Florence Trust, my fellow artists and I have constructed individual plastic roofs above our studio spaces. It started off slowly, but now all but one artist is under plastic. While it could be argued that they result in the lose of ambience and scale of the building, it is incredibly cold, the coldest cold I have experienced. Now with a roof I’m no longer needing to wear head to toe thermals, 4 pairs of trousers and numerous t-shirts, jumpers and coats. It actually makes a pleasant working environment, a warm bubble in an otherwise ice cold, but beautiful grade 1 listed building.

It’s been said amongst my fellow artists that each roof shows a bit of its owners personally, that’s certainly complimentary for the good ones, Justin Eagle, Alan Magee and Makihara have built striking and considered structures. While reading too much into my roof could describe someone a bit slap dash and heavily creased..

Anyway, the said roofs didn’t go unnoticed at the Open studio in January which resulted in some lovely photos from visitor Rachael Marshall, a selection of which can be seen below.

Andy Wicks

Anna M.R Freeman

Maya Ramsay

Taisuke Makihara

For further images of the Florence Trust’s very own shanty town take a look at Rachael’s Flickr