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Studio work in progress Jan 2010

Posted in Paintings by Andy Wicks on 2 January, 2010

New Year – New paintings underway. With ULTRAMEGAOK coming down at the end of December and Odette completed for Tag  @ Brown which opens this Thursday, all the pieces I have been working on have now been completed, while the studio certainly isn’t empty I always like to have something on the go. Over Christmas I’ve stretched up 10 canvas 25.4 x 35.5 cm to get going on for the new year, I’ve always found it hard to work on a primed canvas, with my thinned oil dripped background I usually apply a layer to tint the canvas and give some flow and texture to the future painting. I much prefer to speedily cover the primed canvas rather than start painting directly on to it which can often come across as muddy – particularly with the brown tones I use.

With some of the large architectural pieces from last year I used a thick dark black/brown mix on the sides as a border with a thinned colour in the same tone on the face, the dark tone gave the paintings a depth of ground with any additional application of paint lightening the composition. These 10 pieces currently in progress are stretched with a primed polyester which is very smooth and bright white, for a while I’ve been thinking about using brighter coloured grounds which would work particularly well with the bright white primer. The colour I’ve mixed up is a baby pink, a total opposite to my usual, with each canvas I tried a different type of application from thinned dripped ground, splatted, pooled and thicker applications. Since the photo was taken I’ve been working the pink into the background with a dark more usual palette over the top, letting the warmth work more subtly.

Thomas Scheibitz - Stilleben - 2009

This  sort of bright palette reminds me of Thomas Scheibitz’s excellent exhibition at Camden Art Centre in 2008, he uses lots bright oranges and pinks amongst darker colours in his large scale paintings and works on paper.